Our reputation is in “moving the earth to please”, but we are quite versatile when it comes to marine works too! We have successfully completed marine works and coastal reclamation projects around the region. We take pride in our commitment to professional planning while also taking utmost care for environmental safety and preservation.
Our history shows both experience and capability in extensive marine projects including:

  • Port St. Charles marina
  • Bridgetown Port – boulder containment wall for extension
  • Bridgetown Fisheries – dolo coastal protection
  • Tent Bay Fisheries project
  • Bridgetown Land reclamation
  • St. Lucia: Rodney Bay marina entrance, coastal protection projects, Pointe Seraphine and Rex St. Lucia hotel
  • Earthmoving
  • Road construction & rehabilitation
  • Airport runway resurfacing
  • Building development sub-division
  • Infrastructural works
  • Landfill construction
  • Marine works and coastal reclamation
  • High voltage cable trenching and laying
  • Multi-purpose sport facilities